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Be a part of the team!  We have junior and adult teams who compete in the LTA County and Portsmouth and District Leagues


We can help source the right equipment from racquets through to shoes and everything in between

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If you don't think that running baseline to baseline gets you in shape in a hurry, we've got news for you!

How do we love the game of tennis? Let us count the ways. It's our all-encompassing love of the game that compelled us to join forces to provide on a community site a fully inclusive tennis venue for all ages and all abilities.  

Just because we don't have a roof over our courts doesn't mean we can't produce top County tennis players - and we have but we've also nurtured and made the game fun for those who just want to hit!​

What have you got to lose - we let you try us out for FREE too!


We are a team of dedicated coaches who are all LTA Accredited.  

Each coach has full insurance, DBS, Safe Guarding and First Aid backed up with an independent Welfare Officer.

​All of our coaches have a personal development plan ensuring our players receive the latest and most up to date information.

We take our players on a journey ensuring that every member of the team   whether parents or player have a fun experience.